This is a beginning

TL;DR: My head is a pandora box of creative projects and I’m done trying to fit them into a neat online platform. Instead, I want to share them with you.


Hello and welcome, friend.

This is a beginning. Of what exactly, is unclear. But also beside the point.

If you’re here, you know me, in some capacity. You’re probably aware that I do many different things. Or maybe, because of the seemingly random assortment of activities I put out into the world, you have no clue what I do.  

That’s ok!

I was confused about what the fuck it was that I did at times, too.

This has been the case most of my life, if I’m being honest. lol

Thing is, I don’t feel the need to know anymore. I’m embracing being a multi-hyphenated creative, a term brilliantly coined by my friend Kate Belew

I write, I photograph, I curate, I manage social media, I art direct, I translate.

But we’re much more than job titles, ain’t we? 

Beyond paid work, I read Tarot, I organize raves in the woods, I eat popcorn too often, I think deeply about queerness, psychedelics, and creativity.

You’re still with me?


I appreciate it <3

You might now be wondering “k but where are you going with all this?” and I’m so glad you asked that!

I want to explore all of the above as they come to me, F R E E L Y, no plan or goal. And release them so other people (like you!!) can do whatever they want with it: question it, reply to it, change it, agree with it, agree to disagree with it, ignore it.

For a while now I’ve felt constricted in my creative process because I didn’t know what to do with it or how to fit it into my portfolio or online presence 

(ugh just writing this makes me want to crawl out of my skin). 

“This is different from what I’ve done before, people won’t get it” I mean… where is this even coming from?

So my intention in cultivating this digital space is to break free from my own limiting bullshit and share it with you, if you choose to tag along.

(No hard feelings if you don’t though. I’ll still love you the same)

To create for the sake of creating, no need to serve a purpose or to make something special out of it or for it to be visually coherent with the rest of the grid.

Doing things simply because they bring us joy is reason enough to get started.

And it’s rebellious as fuck in the midst of the hustle economy.

So, again, no end game here. I want to create a container for ideas to come through and open a channel of communication. You can expect peaks into creative processes, musings on all sorts of trippy shit, and whatever is making my brain buzz around the time of hitting send.

I believe words have power, ideas are alive and when we take them out of the solitude of our heads and speak them into existence (even if digitally), they grow and evolve. So I invite you to talk back to me. Anything goes: ask me questions, share what came up while reading this, send me memes,  share playlists.

It all belongs here.

Let’s begin.

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